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Hertoghs advocaten and Covid-19

Measures to contain the coronavirus have been further eased. Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, our offices have strictly followed the directives of the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM) and our government. In fact, we still do. Luckily, we have been able to continue our work from home in the same way we normally do. 

For now, this means that we will continue these measures to be able to guarantee the safety of our clients, business contacts and our own employees. 

Do you want more information? Please take a look at the outline of our measures.

In case you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

The board of Hertoghs advocaten

Hertoghs advocaten

Defending in fraud cases and conflicts with tax authorities

For the worst case the best scenario!

Are you looking for an attorney to defend you in a national or international fraud case or a conflict with tax authorities? Hertoghs advocaten has specialised for over 25 years in resolving conflicts with government authorities such as the Public Prosecution Service, FIOD (the Dutch anti-fraud agency) and the tax authorities. Our attorneys specialise in criminal and tax law and have wide-ranging experience in both fields. You can contact us for assistance in a legal dispute, an impending dispute and also for resolving problems through, for example, mediation.


Our expertise in tax legislation means we focus primarily on fraud cases with a financial dimension, including tax fraud, money laundering and document forgery.

Conflicts with tax authorities

The attorneys at Hertoghs advocaten have years of experience in tax audits, voluntary disclosure procedures, tax assessment and penalty procedures, tax cassation appeals, tax recovery and liability.

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