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Tax audits


Audits (Section 47, General State Taxes Act), third-party audits (Sections 48 and 53, General State Taxes Act) and other tax investigations are normally – but unfortunately not always – announced in advance. If you are faced with an announced or unannounced tax audit, you will probably have all sorts of questions: Am I legally obliged to cooperate with the audit or investigation? What are my rights? What rules do the tax authorities have to comply with? Are the authorities acting improperly or unlawfully?


The tax authorities have extensive powers, while tax audits and investigations can also have far-reaching implications. They can result, for example, in additional tax assessments (Sections 16 and 20, General State Taxes Act), additional audits or even criminal investigations.


It is vital, therefore, to protect your position and interests (or those of a third party) during an audit. We have years of experience of assisting clients in tax audits and understand the importance of being in control. Not least because your interests may often be the opposite of those of the tax authorities. You can contact us for assistance in preparing for the audit, for deciding on strategy, for communications with the tax authorities and for guidance during the audit. We also specialise in handling procedures arising during or as a result of a tax audit. This can include answering any questions the tax authorities may raise in an information decision (Section 52a, General State Taxes Act) or filing notices of objection or appeal against additional tax assessments or demands imposed after an audit.