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Searches and seizures (by the FIOD)


What to do if the FIOD wants to search your premises?

Most fraud cases in The Netherlands are investigated by the FIOD. If the FIOD shows up unannounced it is important to know your rights and their rights. Experience shows it is almost impossible to be prepared for this. We can provide all the necessary information in advance. But the best advice we can give you is to call us on +31 (0)88-520 22 66 (outside office hours: +31 (0)6-55 71 30 22). 


Wealth of experience

We have built up a great deal of knowledge over the past 25 years. We know the statutory regulations and  the course of events before, during and after an investigation. Our strong personal relationships with many Public Prosecution Service and FIOD officers mean we can also make any necessary contacts quickly. You can find tips and advice in First Aid for FIOD visits, as well as a model statement in case you are being heard as a witness. You can also download the free Hertoghs FIOD app in your app store so that you always have access to detailed information, tips and advice, as well as our telephone number for immediate legal support. We can also send you a brochure containing detailed information about what to do in the event of a FIOD visit. Please mail us if you would like to receive this brochure.