ďMaking sure we have a strong defence, and can attack where necessary."

Cassation appeals

Lost your case at the Court of Appeal?

If so, it may be possible to appeal to the Supreme Court in cassation. A Supreme Court procedure is different, however, from a procedure at a District Court or Court of Appeal. This is because the Supreme Court primarily has to assess whether the Court of Appeal has applied the law correctly. No new facts can be introduced in a cassation procedure.


Conducting Supreme Court procedures

We specialise in cassation procedures at the Tax Division and Criminal Division of the Supreme Court. Under tax law, only an attorney is allowed to argue a case in court. That means you can count on us to support you throughout the cassation procedure. As the framework for cassation appeals is limited, not every judgement is eligible for an appeal in cassation. We will be pleased, therefore, to advise you on cassation or to conduct the entire cassation procedure for you.


Defending you

We can also defend you if the State Secretary of Finance brings an appeal in cassation in a tax case, or the Public Prosecution Service in a criminal case.


Association of Tax Cassation Specialists

Our office was one of the founders of the Dutch Association of Tax Cassation Specialists (VCSB), where cassation specialists share knowledge and experience. A number of our attorneys are members of this association.