"Arguing the case to the very end. And right to the top, if necessary."



Our expertise in tax law and litigation means we focus primarily on fraud cases with a financial dimension, including tax fraud (Sections 68 and 69, General State Taxes Act), money laundering (Section 420bis et seq., Criminal Code) and forgery (Section 225, Criminal Code). We also have wide-ranging experience in defending clients in criminal investigations into related offences, including deception/embezzlement (Sections 326 and 321, Criminal Code), bankruptcy fraud (Section 340 et seq., Criminal Code), corruption (Sections 177 and 328ter, Criminal Code), and breaches of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act and sanctions legislation (Sections 1, 1a and 2, Economic Offences Act).


In general we start preparing our defence as soon as a criminal investigation is announced. A  proactive approach during the investigation (e.g. searches and interviews) is of vital importance as it provides the basis for a successful result.


Besides representing clients who are already the subject of a criminal investigation, we can also be contacted to deal with complaint procedures relating to seizures or confiscations or other questions relating to criminal investigations.


Conflicts with tax authorities

The attorneys of Hertoghs advocaten have years of experience in tax audits, voluntary disclosure procedures, tax assessment and penalty procedures, tax recovery and liability procedures. In addition, we deal with cases in the relatively new area of tax penalties for co-perpetrators, factual leaders or aiders and abettors. We can also defend you against civil law claims by the tax authorities, such as in interlocutory proceedings designed to force you to disclose information. We also have a team of experts with substantial experience in tax cassation procedures.


We recognise that the best results can often be achieved without litigation. We always seek to identify the best approach for out-of-court settlement or opt for a settlement agreement with the tax authorities, where we can also draw on our expertise in tax mediation.


Network in the Netherlands and abroad

As well as providing legal assistance in the Netherlands, we have wide-ranging experience in international investigations, both in criminal and tax law. We work closely with other lawyers, attorneys, forensic experts, tax advisers, accountants and notaries, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


What we do not do

We are not tax advisers. You can contact us in the event of an imminent dispute or when a dispute has already arisen. As a result, we can always operate independently and are never in a position of having to defend our own advice. Our clients can therefore be confident that we will always serve their interests only.