Kim Demandt

Kim Demandt has worked for Hertoghs advocaten since January 2014 and has been registered as an attorney at the Netherlands Bar Association since the beginning of 2015. She specialises in tax law litigation and criminal (tax) law. She has experience on the field of tax litigation on foreign assets (such as the volutary disclosure procedure) and tax fraud in the broadest sense of the word. She also specialises in white-collar crime, such as money laundering and violations of sanction law.

Kim combines her affinity for (criminal) tax law with her will to win. She goes all out for her clients and feels like representing them can be like David facing Goliath as far as their legal protection against a powerful government is concerned. She knows her expertise, and also knows when to reach out for other professionals in her network, to combine forces to – in the end – (always) effectuate the best outcome for the client.

In her career, Kim publishes in a variety of law magazines and is a member of the board of the young Bar Association in her work area (Breda-Middelburg). She is also a member of the association for young tax lawyers (NVjAB).

She has a Masters of Law (LL.M) degree in Dutch Law, where she specialised in criminal law, and a Masters of Law (LL.M) degree in Tax Law, both from Tilburg University. During her studies she worked three years working as a tax adviser at a medium-sized tax firm, while also gaining experience of criminal tax law during an internship at Hertoghs tax attorneys. Following her successful internship and after graduating she decided to join Hertoghs advocaten, where she specialises in criminal tax law litigation.


Dutch Law, Tilburg University, 2013

Tax Law, Tilburg University, 2013

Dutch Bar Study

Membership and committees

Admitted to Dutch Bar in 2015

Member of the board of the Young Dutch Bar Association Breda-Middelburg

Member of Dutch Association of young Tax Attorneys

Other activities

Author of a number of legal publications on tax and criminal law related subjects.



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